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We offer a wide variety of bearings and machines from the smallest to the largest in size, for every possible application at a very considerate price. We travel & explore the globe to give our customer a superior product and cost effective solution.

DK Machinery Mart values its customers and strives for excellence each and every time. We pride ourselves on not just being a bearing and machine supplier, but "The Complete Bearing and Machine Specialist". We do not stop working for you once the order is received.

DK Machinery Mart contracts with dozens of well-respected manufacturers and stocks thousand of bearings of various shapes, sizes and materials. We care to deliver timely deliveries and inventory management systems to help our customers reduce costs and achieve 100% on-time delivery.

In addition to supplying a wider selection of bearing ,DK Machinery Mart maintains extensive inventory of superior brands. Browse through our inventory and see for yourself, DK Machinery Mart has been a leading supplier of bearing and machine in the India.